How the Robert Mueller Investigation Really Works

As a Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller investigation has power to investigate and charge crimes.  The robert mueller investigationmajority of Americans don’t think he’s found any crimes.  Instead, they are looking for big crimes, like illegal collusion with Russians to tip the last presidential election.

What’s really going on in the Robert Mueller investigation?

As a former prosecutor, I can give …

Is There Really Writer’s Block??

writer's block

As an experienced writer, I often get questioned by other, less experienced, writers about writer’s block.

To many it’s a mysterious condition that seems to threaten all writers as if it were a terminal disease—will I get Writer’s Block?  Can I avoid it?  After all, Ernest Hemingway killed himself because he couldn’t writer anymore.  (Among many other problems …

California Fire Fighters: Government that Works!

california fire fightersMy son lives in northern California.  I’ve been watching the numerous fires working their way around him.  So far, the California fire fighters have kept control.  Right now, there are over twenty fires burning in California.  Jonathon Cox, Battalion Chief for Cal Fire, spoke about the unusual behavior of the fires:

Have you ever wondered how fire …