Can President Trump Ignore the Supreme Court?

Recently, the federal courts have slapped-down President Trump’s immigration plans.  He has made it known what he thinks of the federal courtstrump ignore supreme court and the judges—the “so-called judges,” as he put it.  I anticipate more cases to be filed against his executive orders or other things he tries to do.  Can President Trump ignore the Supreme Court?

The answer, …

Why You Should See the Film “Hidden Figures”

hidden figuresAre you feeling anxious these days?  Upset?  Discouraged?  If so, you should see the film “Hidden Figures.”  Here are three good reasons to go–

  1. It’s a true story about some African-American women hired by NASA as mathematicians in the early 60’s.  It’s a fascinating glimpse back in time to see what America looked like then.  The men all

Can Mexico Really Compete??

mexicoI’m sure you’ve heard the talk out of Washington about Mexico—Build a wall!  Return all illegal immigrants (even non-Mexicans) south of the border!  Tax all imports coming from Mexico!  After I visited Mexico, if any of theses boasts come true, it’s obvious they will devastate Mexico’s economy.  Can Mexico compete in that environment?  What will they do?

My …

Maybe Cops Aren’t all Racist

cops racistHere’s a radical idea that challenges the message the media presents about cops killing people of color.  An editorial in the StartTribune carried it, suggesting that maybe the killing of black men by police officers is not all attributable to racism.  Because, maybe, cops aren’t all racist.  Of course, not all cops are racist, but with each tragic …

Can Trump Fix the Police?

During the presidential campaign, both candidates promised voters they would “fix the police.”  The killings of minority people by police are on manytrump fix the police people’s minds, so the candidates vowed to do something.  Although they both promised a lot, can any president actually do much to fix the police?

Not much.

There are various ways the federal government (and …