Why Jeff Sessions Should Smoke Some Pot

Jeff Sessions potOur Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, should smoke some pot!  He made speeches about the ravages of drugs on our country.  Apparently, he doesn’t know that marijuana isn’t in the same category as opioids and methamphetamines.  He ordered the U.S. Attorneys all around the country to consider prosecuting pot sales and possessions.

Maybe Mr. Sessions has been smoking pot …

Seven Reasons Why the Criminal Justice System is Better Now

I’ve worked in the criminal justice system for almost 40 years.  The media constantly tells us criminal jutice system is betterhow bad things are: rampant crime, crooked cops, political prosecutors, and abandoned victims.  Here are seven reasons why the criminal justice system is better now.

1.  The level of serious violent crime is down to a forty-year low.  Check out the FBI …

Is Judge Alex Kozinski Behavior Common?

judge alex kozinskiI’m sure you’ve heard of San Francisco federal Judge Alex Kozinski.  Fifteen women accused him of inappropriate sexual conduct over a long period of time.  Under pressure, he announced his retirement.  Here’s the story:


You’d think a person in such a high position would be better behaved.  Is Judge Alex Kozinski’s behavior common?

I worked for over …

What Happened in the Shooting of Justine Damond?

Last summer in a quiet neighborhood in South Minneapolis, Justine Damond Ruszczyk called 911.   She reported  suspicious noises behind her house.  Within an hour, the police arrived but didn’t find a suspect.  Somehow, Officer Mohamed Noor shot and killed Ruszczyk.

The community reacted with horror and anger.  Even today, various groups demand that the local prosecutor charge the …

Here’s How to Fix the Supreme Court

Whenever a U.S. Supreme Court justices tops out at 90+ years of age, a crises begins—who will replace fix the supreme courtthe justice?  Here’s an idea on how to fix the Supreme Court.

The crises occurs because each political party wants to stack the court with jurists they feel will be sympathetic to their positions.  But unlike elected people in congress …

The Special Way Robert Mueller Works

robert muellerNormally, police investigate crimes (at the local level) or the FBI (at the national level).  But there are times when a prosecutor handles the investigation.  Robert Mueller is investigating the Trump administration.  But he has a special way of working.  Here’s how Robert Mueller does it.

How is it like normal police work?

  1.  Like police work, a special