Is There Really Writer’s Block??

writer's block

As an experienced writer, I often get questioned by other, less experienced, writers about writer’s block.

To many it’s a mysterious condition that seems to threaten all writers as if it were a terminal disease—will I get Writer’s Block?  Can I avoid it?  After all, Ernest Hemingway killed himself because he couldn’t writer anymore.  (Among many other problems …

Localism—A New Way of Governing

David Brooks, the conservative columnist a the New York Times, wrote a recent column about localism called, The Localist Revolution.  Read it here:

It caught my attention.  In the past few months, I’ve seen other books and essays about the same subject. Something is stirring out there!localism

It’s a throw-back to a hundred years ago.  Across the …

New Technology for Crime Scenes

technology for crime scenesFor years, police and forensic experts relied on cameras to record crime scenes.  Now, there’s new technology for crime scenes investigation.  I’ve seen it work—it’s exciting.  The gadget is called a Panoscan camera.  A regular film camera or your smart phone can pan a scene.  But that remains in two-dimension.  The new Panoscan camera develops a 360 degree …

Seven Reasons Why Criminal Justice System is Better

I’ve worked in the criminal justice system for almost 40 years.  The media constantly tells us how bad things are.  Rampant crime, crooked cops, biased prosecutors, and abandoned victims.  These seven reasons show why the criminal justice system is better now.crimimal justice system

1.  The level of serious violent crime dropped to a forty-year low.  Check out the FBI statistics.  …

Why You Should Check Out Hans Rosling

hans roslingRecently, I was introduced to Hans Rosling—well, he died in 2017, but I learned about his research, writing, and speaking.  I recommend you check out his work.  He’s so respected, Bill Gates has said that Rosling’s final book, Factfulness, was one of the most important books Gates has ever read.

Who is this guy?

Hans Rosling was …