More Guns=Less Crime?

People advocate we should all be “strapped”–with more guns in our homes. Will that reduce crime?

There’s a passionate and thoughtful blog on, entitled, “Want Less Crime? Add More Guns” by pyle_mountain. He advocates more guns in our homes. If we had more, criminals would think twice about commiting crime against innocent people.

He could be …

Will Torture Get Confessions?

After arresting the Detroit terrorist on Christmas Day, several “experts” spoke through the media saying it was a mistake to take Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab into civil custody and allow him to have a lawyer.

Once he was “lawyered up,” he refused to speak.

The assumption was that if the authorities had free access to him, they could have …

Does Gambling Reduce Crime?

Years ago, working as a Public Defender in Minnesota, I represented people charged with misdemeanor crimes–less serious things like disorderly conduct, bar fights, shoplifting, etc. Minnesota has a large Native population, centered on several reservations, but there’s also a large community in Minneapolis. Native Americans were the second most prevelant group charged with crimes.

Between alcohol and few …

Should Victims Pay?


I’ve written lately about the convictions of con men–one locally in Minneapolis, Tom Petters and of course, Bernie Madoff. As a criminal defense lawyer, I’ve represented con men in the past. In my last post I suggested that one of the reasons they are successful is that their “victims” …

How Did Madoff and Petters Do It?

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Ponzi scheme tycoon Tom Petters was just convicted here in Minneapolis. Along with guys like Bernie Madoff, he stole billions of dollars. What I always wonder, and you may also, is:

How do these guys get other normal people to give them so much money? I have a hard time just getting …

What Made Tom Petters Run?

In Minneapolis last week, business mogul Tom Petters was found guilty on all 20 counts for running a Ponzi scheme that defrauded people out of over $3 billion. What kind of a person would do this?

Although I don’t know Mr. Petters, I’ve worked as a criminal defense lawyer for over 30 years and have represented/defended a few …