Using American Children as Weapons of Mass Destruction

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What if American children were used as weapons of mass destruction?

Is this the “real” reason behind the disappearing Somali boys from the Twin Cities?

Colin T. Nelson’s new book, “Reprisal,” answers these!!

Small pox was eradicated from the planet it 1979. As a result, no one has been immunized …

I Want to be a Sniper When I Grow Up

A friend of mine, who is a juvenile court probation officer, noted the other day that one of her little probationers answered her question, “When I grow up, I want to become a sniper.”

A fruitful and worthwhile occupation, I guess.

What’s concerning to me is that a young child would look forward to something like this. Whatever …

Michigan Militia Scares Me

An article in the New York Times,, by Nick Bunkley and Charlie Savage recounts a scary scene: Police in Clayton Michigan raided a house containing people who were members of a militia, plotting to kill law enforcement officers in an attempt to spark an anti-government uprising.

Motivated by a religious purpose, they planned to not only kill …