WHO IS COLIN NELSON? Colin grew-up in a small Southern Minnesota town called Le Sueur.  He worked at a variety of jobs including farm labor, factory work,research labs, and grocery delivery (when stores still did that!).  He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1972 with a B.A. in Economics.   Followed by a J.D. at Loyola University School of Law in Chicago.  He was in the U.S. Army Reserves during 1972-1980 where he defended the country in the wilds of New Jersey.

The benefit of these experiences is that Colin understands a variety of people and can communicate with almost anyone. He has been a criminal trial lawyer for over thirty years, practicing as both a Public Defender and a prosecutor.  The stories and experiences from this work have provided him with endless plots and ideas for books and interviews.  His new book is set in Myanmar in SE Asia.  Colin has a power point photo series to accompany his talks about his trip there and the book.

He has extensive public speaking experience as a lawyer, college instructor, and an author including TV, radio, and groups ranging from a dozen to one hundred, usually interested, people.

NEW PROJECTS:  Colin’s short story, Corn on the Cob was chosen as part of a crime anthology called, Festival of Crime.  His fourth book is The Amygdala Hijack about defense lawyer Ted rohrbacher who takes on only the impossible cases.  After visiting the closed country of Myanmar, Colin wrote his newest book, Up Like Thunder.  Reading it is like going to that exotic and mysterious country.

William Kent Krueger, Minnesota author, has said of Colin’s books: Colin Nelson cooks up a fast-paced plot line with a little something for everyone.

Mary Logue, Minnesota author and poet, says: Colin Nelson has written a provocative and compelling thriller.  A must read for anyone who wonders what might lay ahead for the country.


INTERVIEW IDEAS FOR STORIES: Talking points about Colin Nelson:

  • Years of experience in courtrooms with funny and tragic stories
  • What’s it like to defend someone you know is guilty
  • What’s it like to sit in a jail cell with a serial killer
  • How does he research his books
  • What life experiences have an impact on the stories and writing
  • The best stories come from real life—examples
  • Do people become better writers as they become older
  • Has growing up in a small town influenced Colin’s writing

LIST OF INTERVIEW TOPICS/ANGLES: Colin Nelson does extensive research for each book to educate readers and give the stories a realistic feel.  The following issues have drawn the most interest from readers:

  • How experts can retrieve data from smart phones and invade your privacy
  • Could DNA testing be faked
  • In trials, what are the lawyers and judges doing behind closed doors
  • How would a virus plague spread and how would it be fought
  • How do international criminal trafficking networks work
  • What’s it like to be a progressive American Muslim
  • Surprising aspects of Islam that most people don’t know
  • Fire and arson investigation
  • What’s it like to be present at an autopsy
  • What are the signs of a criminal sociopathic personality
  • Female body building

SAMPLE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS;  Colin would send you some if you asked.

MEDIA CONTACT: Colin Nelson can be contacted through: His website at: His email at:

SPEAKING EXPERIENCE: Watch his interview for the Author/Writers show at CTV television at: Check out his hosting of The Author’s Studio  at YouTube blurb:

GROUPS: Colin would be happy to meet with your book group, library book club, church groups, or discussion panels about his new book or the issues raised in the book.