How did I get started writing?

While visiting my grandma over a Christmas vacation, she gave me the Sherlock Holmes story, The Hound of the Baskervilles. I read it while sitting through winter evenings. I WAS HOOKED on mysteries and suspense stories!  I’m anxious to share my passion with readers.

My Books

My first three suspense novels, Reprisal, Fallout, and Flashover are a series with a prosecutor named Zehra.  My short story collection is called. The Taste of Temptation.  The Amygdala Hijack features defense lawyer, Ted Rohrbacher, who handles only the impossible-to-win cases.  Pete Chandler investigates crimes all over the world.  The series starts with Up Like Thunder, when Pete goes to Southeast Asia.  The Inca Code, leads Pete into trouble in South America and Machu Picchu.  Ivory Lust, finds Pete in South Africa trapped in the middle of a international ivory trafficking network.

Working as a criminal trial lawyer for over 40 years and all my travels give me material for my books!  I also play sax in a jazz group called, BlueMood and a Bob Dylan tribute rock band.

What will you get from my books?

If you like books that are “page-turners” or you’d like to learn what it’s really like “behind the courtroom doors,” try my books.  I also do extensive research to educate readers about topics that are fascinating.  My settings include many foreign ones that I’ve either visited in person or have done research to make you feel like “you’ve been there.”

I’m a member of the following writer’s groups:

  • Mystery Writers of America
  • Sisters in Crime
  • Twin Cities Crime Writers Coop
  • The Loft Writing Center in Minneapolis

Tempting Short Stories.
taste of temptation short story

Pete Chandler series—mystery and suspense in exotic locations.
Up Like ThunderThe Inca CodeIvory Lust

The Zehra Series – A prosecutor whose cases often threaten—her life!!

The Ted Rohrbacher Series – A defense lawyer who takes on the impossible cases.
The Amygdala Hijack Book