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I love visiting book clubs!  For any in the Twin City area, I’ll offer up to 10 copies of my books at a reduced price of $10 each.  I’ll also include a list of discussion questions and a visit by myself at one of your meetings.  With my new book set in Myanmar, SE Asia, I also have a power point photo show that goes with my talk.

All you need to do is provide me with the book club’s name, member’s email addresses (all will be kept confidential), how many books, and the details for your meeting.  We can arrange delivery of the books between us.

Thanks!!  I look forward to meeting your book club!  My email address:

Pete Chandler series—mystery and suspense in exotic locations.
Up Like Thunder

The Zehra Series – A prosecutor whose cases often threaten—her life!!

The Ted Rohrbacher Series – A defense lawyer who takes on the impossible cases.
The Amygdala Hijack Book

Further Resources About

American Muslims, Muslim women,  or pandemics listed below:

Issues about Islam in non-fiction:

What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam,  John L. Epstein, Oxford University Press, 2002

American Muslims,  Asma Gull Hasan, Continuum Press, 2001

American Islam,  Paul M. Barrett, Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2007

Islam Unveiled,  Robert Spencer, Encounter Books, 2002

Why I Am a Muslim,   Asma Gull Hasan, Element Publishing, 2005

The Essential Koran,  Translated by Thomas Cleary, Castle Books, 1993


The Submission,  Amy Waldman, Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2011

The Reluctant Fundamentalist,  Mohsin Hamid, Houghton Mifflin , Harcourt 2007


The Isamic Resource Group at:  (An educational group)

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) at:

Issues about viruses and pandemics:

The Hot Zone,  Richard Preston, Random House, 1994

Living Terrors, What America Needs to Know, by former Minnesota State Epidemiologist, Dr. Michael Osterholm, 2001


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

“Contagion” a new film directed by Steven Soderbergh

This website has links to other interesting information: