Michigan Militia Scares Me

An article in the New York Times, www.nytimes.com, by Nick Bunkley and Charlie Savage recounts a scary scene: Police in Clayton Michigan raided a house containing people who were members of a militia, plotting to kill law enforcement officers in an attempt to spark an anti-government uprising.

Motivated by a religious purpose, they planned to not only kill …

I just talked with my publisher over the weekend and they’re excited about the manuscript I sent them. We’re hoping to get my new novel out by this Sept. Thanks to all my friends who are helping me with the effort!!

Obama Blasts the Supremes

At his state of the union address, President Obama criticized the Supreme Court’s recent ruling about political campaign funding and we all watched some of the justices squirm and scowl.

What’s it about and is this something unusual for the Supremes?

Overturning precedent, the ruling treats corporations as individuals and therefore, gives them a freedom of speech that …

More Guns=Less Crime?

People advocate we should all be “strapped”–with more guns in our homes. Will that reduce crime?

There’s a passionate and thoughtful blog on www.squidoo.com, entitled, “Want Less Crime? Add More Guns” by pyle_mountain. He advocates more guns in our homes. If we had more, criminals would think twice about commiting crime against innocent people.

He could be …

Will Torture Get Confessions?

After arresting the Detroit terrorist on Christmas Day, several “experts” spoke through the media saying it was a mistake to take Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab into civil custody and allow him to have a lawyer.

Once he was “lawyered up,” he refused to speak.

The assumption was that if the authorities had free access to him, they could have …

Does Gambling Reduce Crime?

Years ago, working as a Public Defender in Minnesota, I represented people charged with misdemeanor crimes–less serious things like disorderly conduct, bar fights, shoplifting, etc. Minnesota has a large Native population, centered on several reservations, but there’s also a large community in Minneapolis. Native Americans were the second most prevelant group charged with crimes.

Between alcohol and few …