Who Are Those Guys?

Most Americans Can’t Name the Supreme Court Justices!

A recent poll by FineLaw.com, a part of the respected company, Thompson Reuters, found recently that two thirds of Americans can’t even name one person on the United States Supreme Court. All that fighting to pick Supreme Court justices, senate confirmation hearings, television coverage, liberals and conservatives both warning of …

Is Miranda Dead?

Have the Supremes given the police more power??

In the recent Thompkins case, the Supreme Court ruled that unless a citizen who’s under arrest as a criminal suspect actually says, “I don’t want to talk or I won’t talk without a lawyer,” police can continue questioning him for a long time..until they get a confession.

Suspect, Van Chester …

Obama Blasts the Supremes

At his state of the union address, President Obama criticized the Supreme Court’s recent ruling about political campaign funding and we all watched some of the justices squirm and scowl.

What’s it about and is this something unusual for the Supremes?

Overturning precedent, the ruling treats corporations as individuals and therefore, gives them a freedom of speech that …