What’s Really Going on in Child Protection Cases?

child protection casesWe’ve heard a lot lately about how broken our child protection system is in the country.  There are horrible stories about kids suffering—or dying—because they remain in dangerous homes.  What’s really going on in child protection cases?

I’ve worked as a lawyer in child protection cases in Minnesota for years.  Here’s what’s happening in my state:

  1.  The law

Do Children in Juvenile Court Have Advocates?

children in juvenile courtMost people are aware that children charged with crimes in Juvenile Court all have the right to a lawyer.  But what about younger children?  Kids who may be in Juvenile Court because of child protection matters, for instance.  Do children in Juvenile Court have advocates?

Here’s an example from my own practice as a lawyer in Juvenile Court.  …

Protecting Kids in Court

What if you knew the kids who lived with their family next door to you were being abused?  Not being fed?  Or never went to school?  Is there anything the courts could do to protect and help those kids?

In the last fifteen years in Minnesota the number of child protection cases has skyrocketed.  The local (county) …