Here’s How to Fix the Supreme Court

Whenever a U.S. Supreme Court justices tops out at 90+ years of age, a crises begins—who will replace fix the supreme courtthe justice?  Here’s an idea on how to fix the Supreme Court.

The crises occurs because each political party wants to stack the court with jurists they feel will be sympathetic to their positions.  But unlike elected people in congress …

How the Supreme Court Works

In this crazy political environment, many people are worried about the new president and who he may appoint to the Supreme Court.  Instead how the supreme court worksof listening to the media and worrying, I’d suggest visiting it in Washington to see how the Supreme Court works.

Most tourists visit the capitol and and the White House.  Very few stop at the …

The Ghost of Justice Scalia

justice scaliaAll the hubbub about the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia!!  We’re going to be haunted by his ghost for months.  Why?  Because politicians and short-sighted people will delay the appointment of a new justice for months.

Does this really make sense?

In the decision of Roe vs. Wade the Supreme Court “found” rights, not written in …

Should We Get Rid of the Supreme Court? Part II

I posted last time about the “undemocratic” nature of the modern Supreme Court and wondered if it’s time we get rid of the Supreme Court. supreme court Isak Tranvik wrote a great story about this at:

His argument is simple—even after the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the president (all elected) finally decide legislation, a small group of …

Should We Get Rid of the Supreme Court? Part I

supreme courtThe public’s become used to the political wrangling in congress over Supreme Court nominees in congress.  It’s an indication of how politicized the court has become.  Maybe it’s time to question—should we get rid of the Supreme Court?

Here’s an interesting look by Isak Tranvik about the Supreme Court and democracy.  He argues that allowing a small …

What will the Supreme Court decide about Obamacare?

What will the Supreme Court decide about Obamacare?

I know lots of people, who claim to be experts, are predicting all kinds of things.  In my own opinion, no one knows which way the court will decide.  Without writing pages about this topic, keep in mind a few things:

1.  The power of the Supreme Court …