Domestic Islamic Terrorists Here?

You’ve probably heard about the New York Congressman Peter King who will be conducting hearings for his congressional committee that is investigating domestic Islamic terrorism starting this week.

The  StarTribune carried an Associated Press article about the upcoming hearings at:

The proposed hearings are quite controversial.  Of course, most Americans are worried about domestic terrorists but many say that by singling out Muslims, the Congressman is reverting to McCarthyism.  The inquiry should be broader to include any domestic terrorists.

My new suspense novel Reprisal is about an imbedded terrorist who has worked as a scientist in a Minnesota company for years who plots to release a plague in the state.

If you are interested in these issues, I think you’d like my book.  The plot involves several missing young Somali men who left the Twin City area in the past few years.  The FBI thinks most of them went back to Somalia to fight with militias there.  But several of the young men are still missing and unaccounted for…where did they go?  And why?

In my book, the terrorists have stolen samples of small pox virus from a repository in Russia.  They intend to infect the missing Somali men and return them to American schools in order to start a plague.  And since none of us in the U.S. is immune to small pox any longer, the results could be disastrous.

The story has been described as a “page turner,”  or “one I couldn’t put down.”

What makes the book different from other thrillers is that the main character is an American citizen, a young female defense lawyer who must stop the plot before the plague is allowed to break-out.  She’s a moderate, progressive feminist–and a Muslim.  The story shows the struggles she has to be a loyal American and a faithful Muslim.

If you’d like to read it, send me your email address and I’ll send you the first 50 pages for free with no strings attached.

Maybe I should send a copy to Congressman King!

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