Here’s a Gripping Story About Youthful Terrorists

In federal court in Minneapolis three youthful terrorists, Somali men, were convicted of conspiracy to work with ISIL.  They didn’t even leave theyouthful terroritscountry, but were found guilty of plotting to cooperate with ISIL to do terrorist acts.  Actually, ten people were charged in total, but seven of them pleaded guilty without going to trial.

If this case interested you, try reading one of my books, Reprisal.  I wrote it a few years ago when several young Somali men disappeared from the Twin Cities.  At that time, no one really knew where they went or why.  The FBI speculated they left to fight for a freedom group in Somalia called Al Shabab.  Some may have gone because they were recruited by ISIL.  I had a different idea of what may have happened to these young men—  Were they really youthful terrorists?

The story begins when a defense lawyer, Zehra Hassan, is appointed to represent a man accused of brutally murdering a Somali boy in Minneapolis, allegedly because he wouldn’t agree to leave.  She meets with her client who tells her immediately that he is guilty of the murder—but still wants to go to trial.

As Zehra investigates the case further, she isn’t sure her client is really guilty.  So, why would he say he was guilty?  The case engulfs her—the legal challenges grow, terrorists from Russia become involved, the youthful terrorists who disappeared, and Zehra finds herself  threatened by unknown terrorists.

Of course, my story is fiction, but I did a ton of research about the truths that Zehra uncovers as she tries to defend her client and save herself—and he community.

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