Why the Criminal Justice System is Better Now

criminal justice systemLately, the media has been bashing the criminal justice system—starting with cops’ behavior in the streets to the broken child protection system that doesn’t protect children.  Is the system really this broken?  I’ve worked for almost forty years as a prosecutor and Public Defender.  Here are five reasons why the criminal justice system is better now:

  1.  Juries are

Problems with Child Protection Courts

child protection courtsAcross the country there have been horrible stories about the failure of child protection courts to well, protect children.  Here in Minnesota, the latest example caused the elected county attorney to announce that his office had made a mistake.  They reversed their earlier recommendation to the court and asked, instead, that a mother’s parental rights be terminated.  See …

Is Adrian Peterson Really Not Guilty?

Adrian PetersonIn a courtroom in Texas, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has pled Not Guilty to criminal charges of beating his four-year old son.  But Adrian Peterson admitted he hit the child with some kind of a stick.  How can he say he’s Not Guilty?  Here’s what might really be going on—

1.  It’s common for accused people to …

Adrian Peterson and Child Protection

child protection caseHere in Minnesota, start running back for the Vikings Adrian Peterson, admitted beating his 4-year old child.  Criminal charges were filed in Texas.  In Minnesota, the government opened a child protection case against Mr. Peterson, and presumably, the mother also.

What does that mean?  What happens now?

1.  The government may open a child protection case whenever there’s …

Nine Year Old Sneaks on Plane–By Himself

In Minneapolis about a week ago, a young boy without a ticket was able to board a plane to Las VegasALONE!colin.nelson.smallfile

His parents thought he’d spent the night at a friend’s house and didn’t discover he was gone until the next morning when the boy showed-up in Las Vegas.  When the father was interviewed, he put …

Does Child Protection Protect Children?

Imagine two parents who drank constantly, ignored their children while the wife gambled on line and the husband watched porn–all day long.  The children were forced to eat potato chips off the greasy carpet.

Or the boyfriend who was beating his “woman” and her son intervened to try and stop the violence.  As punishment for interrupting, the man …

Reunited Dad Beats Daughter to Death

The Star Tribune Newspaper’s Rochelle Olson reported the tragic story of a father who beat his 2 year old daughter to death. Pierre Gray the father, pled guilty and received a sentence of 36 years in prison.


What is the story behind this tragedy?

Unfortunately, it started when Malaya, the child, was born prematurely and tested positive …