Here’s the Best Lawyer Money can Buy!

“If you’re charged with a crime and have enough money, you can hire a good lawyer, who’ll get you off.” True or False?best lawyer money can buy

Answer: It depends! (Okay, I’ve been a lawyer for 30+ years)  Here’s the best lawyer money can buy.

The idea that money can get you the best defense lawyer to get you out of trouble …

Why the Criminal Justice System is Better Now

criminal justice systemLately, the media has been bashing the criminal justice system—starting with cops’ behavior in the streets to the broken child protection system that doesn’t protect children.  Is the system really this broken?  I’ve worked for almost forty years as a prosecutor and Public Defender.  Here are five reasons why the criminal justice system is better now:

  1.  Juries are

Criminal Justice, Bail, and People of Color

criminal justice, bail, and people of colorSo often when I’ve represented people of color in the criminal justice system, they complain that they’ve been denied bail “just because I’m black.”  (Or another color)  There certainly is racism built into the criminal justice system at all stages, but what about bail and people of color? Why does it seem they remain in custody long after …

Self Defense or Murder??

Question:  What if I come to the rescue of a robbery victim and I chase the attacker to try to get back the victim’s purse.  When I catch-up withself defense him he pulls a gun on me.  Is it okay for me to shoot and kill him?

Is this self defense or murder?

This situation really happened in Minneapolis …

How Can You Defend a Guilty Person? Part II

My client was guilty! No question about it. Seventeen year old, Jim, found his wife in bed with another man. Jim went beserk and kicked the defend a guilty personother man out but did worse to his wife–he strangled her around the throat with his hands. Then, trying to avoid detection, he spray-painted her body in gang grafitti, and dumped her …

How can you defend a guilty person!? Part 1

defend a guilty personIt’s the question I get all the time: How can you defend someone you know is guilty? Especiall if it’s a horrible crime. It’s easy to reply “it’s my job,” “everyone has a right to a trial,” “I have an ethical duty…blah, blah, blah.”  All true but there’s the human part of every lawyer that is repulsed by …

Jury Trials Are Not About Innocence

Over my lifetime, I’ve tried many jury trials—all criminal cases.  After 30+ years, I’m so used to the process I over-looked something.  It’s the biggest misunderstanding the public has about criminal trials–a trial in America today has nothing to do with innocence.Jury Trials

Most people assume that a jury will find the accused guilty or innocent (not guilty).  Or …