Abolish the Death Penalty??

death penaltyWith the conviction of the Boston Bomber and the jury’s decision that he should receive the death penalty, once again, people are debating whether we should execute criminals or not.

Should we still use the death penalty anywhere in the US?

Even the family of one of the Boston Bomber’s victims, an 8 year old boy, asked that …

Does the Death Penalty Work?

the death penaltyI know this subject has been written and argued about in many other forums by people much wiser than I am.  I don’t intend to re-hash all of the pros and cons about the death penalty.  But after years of working with criminal personalities as a Public Defender, I have a few “inside” comments.

I practice in a …

James Holmes–Part III

Okay.  I thought two short posts about a mental illness defense in the James Holmes case in Colorado would be enough.  But. . .NO!  You may recall Mr. Holmes was the man who armed himself and walked into a theater in Colorado, opened fire, and killed several people.  Originally, his lawyers had said he would plead not guilty