Justice Jeopardized

With the shrinking budgets of most state and local governments, the prosecution and defense functions in the courtrooms are threatened. Across the country, most prosecutors are funded by the local counties, while public defenders are increasingly funded by the states. Both functions are jeopardized.

At first, it seems obvious we need to support the prosecution function. After all, …

How Did Madoff and Petters Do It?

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Ponzi scheme tycoon Tom Petters was just convicted here in Minneapolis. Along with guys like Bernie Madoff, he stole billions of dollars. What I always wonder, and you may also, is:

How do these guys get other normal people to give them so much money? I have a hard time just getting …

Can You Imagine?

Try to imagine living in a neighborhood of small homes. Your neighbors pay attention to each other and have become friendly. Some even offer barbeque on the weekends in their front yards.

But there are odd things about this neighborhood that you learn after you’ve moved in. For one thing, your next door neighbor is a sausage making …

Tracking Human Traffickers

Third in a Series

In previous posts, I’ve talked about the vast underground world of international criminals who traffick in many illegal items–including humans. Most are women and children who are sold into prostitution, the sex trade, and slavery for labor. The criminals operate in a world wide web–but not the one you’re familiar with.

They link themselves …