Accused Criminals Released

How can it be that when someone is accused of a crime, they always seem to be released from custody while they wait for their trial.

Instead of the judge holding them in custody, they get released into the community on bail.

What’s going on?

In Minnesota, as in other states, the state constitution in the Bill of …

Should Victims Pay?


I’ve written lately about the convictions of con men–one locally in Minneapolis, Tom Petters and of course, Bernie Madoff. As a criminal defense lawyer, I’ve represented con men in the past. In my last post I suggested that one of the reasons they are successful is that their “victims” …

How Did Madoff and Petters Do It?

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Ponzi scheme tycoon Tom Petters was just convicted here in Minneapolis. Along with guys like Bernie Madoff, he stole billions of dollars. What I always wonder, and you may also, is:

How do these guys get other normal people to give them so much money? I have a hard time just getting …