Here’s the Best Lawyer Money can Buy!

“If you’re charged with a crime and have enough money, you can hire a good lawyer, who’ll get you off.” True or False?best lawyer money can buy

Answer: It depends! (Okay, I’ve been a lawyer for 30+ years)  Here’s the best lawyer money can buy.

The idea that money can get you the best defense lawyer to get you out of trouble …

Who Helps Prosecutors and Public Defenders?

unknown people who help prosecutorsWhen you see criminal trials covered by the media, they often interview the prosecutors and Public Defenders.  It may look like they’re out there “fighting alone.”  Not true.  There are unknown people.  Who helps prosecutors and Public Defenders?

  1.  Both side use investigators.  Criminal cases are initially investigated by the police.  Prosecutors often need more information before charging

Justice Jeopardized

With the shrinking budgets of most state and local governments, the prosecution and defense functions in the courtrooms are threatened. Across the country, most prosecutors are funded by the local counties, while public defenders are increasingly funded by the states. Both functions are jeopardized.

At first, it seems obvious we need to support the prosecution function. After all, …