The Truth About Jury Selection

How many of you have served on jury duty and gone through the jury selection process?jury selection

Do you remember questions by the lawyers?  Was it interesting?  Probably boring?!!

Before a trial starts, several people are chosen from a pool of jurors.  Those people will decide the outcome of the trial.  But first, the group must be “whittled-down” to …

What Are Lawyers Really Doing in Jury Selection?

I’ve tried dozens of jury trials as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer and have been to many trial schools and courses about how to pick a jury.  In previous posts, I’ve written about the typical questioning that occurs between the lawyers and the prospective jurors.  You’ve seen some of this on TV.  Of course, some of it …

5 Secrets Lawyers Use to Pick Juries

So you’ve received your notice for jury duty?  What can you expect?  In my last post, I wrote about how jurors were initially selected.  Once they are in the courtroom, in state courts, the lawyers do most of the questioning.

What are the lawyers looking for and why do they ask the questions they do?

Prior to starting …