Can Trump Fix the Police?

During the presidential campaign, both candidates promised voters they would “fix the police.”  The killings of minority people by police are on manytrump fix the police people’s minds, so the candidates vowed to do something.  Although they both promised a lot, can any president actually do much to fix the police?

Not much.

There are various ways the federal government (and …

Here’s the Best Lawyer Money can Buy!

“If you’re charged with a crime and have enough money, you can hire a good lawyer, who’ll get you off.” True or False?best lawyer money can buy

Answer: It depends! (Okay, I’ve been a lawyer for 30+ years)  Here’s the best lawyer money can buy.

The idea that money can get you the best defense lawyer to get you out of trouble …

This is Why Lawyers Say the Courtroom is Too Real for Reality

courtrooms too real for realityPeople who work in the criminal field, whether as law enforcement or in the courtroom end of things, always say, “You couldn’t make a reality show about this stuff–it’s too real!”

The endless turning of human behavior is so unusual, it’s sometimes unbelievable. For people who work in the criminal field, we know it’s not a TV show, …

Stupid Mistakes Made by Criminals

In many years as a defense lawyer, I’ve seen some stupid mistakes made by criminals.  Like all of us they screw up.  Unlike most of us, stupid mistakes made by criminalsthey also commit crimes.  Here are some of them from real life:

1.  A burglar named Bob broke into a suburban house through the sliding door on the patio.  Dressed in black, …

Who Decides–Client or Lawyer?

When a lawyer represents an accused person, which choices are reserved for the lawyer and which ones for the client?plea bargain

Of course, in any lawyer/client relationship the people involved will determine who makes the decisions.  However, in criminal cases there are two main decisions that only the client can make—

1.  The decision to plead guilty or to …

5 Surprises About White Collar Criminals

Most crime, unfortunately, is violent.  But there is a growing number of criminals who are “white collar”—that is they commit financial crimes.  And between white collar criminals and violent street thugs, they can both do a lot of damage to innocent victims.

white collar criminalsI’ve represented white collar criminals in my years as a criminal defense lawyer  Here are five …

More Stupid Mistakes Made by Criminals

I posted some of the stupid mistakes made by criminals that I know from my own practice.  People seemed to really like the stories.  Here are some more dumb mistakes.  Luckily, many criminals are stupid—and get caught.  It’s the smart ones who get away that worry me . . .stupid mistakes made by criminals

1.  Jody sat before the judge during his …