Public Employee Unions=Too Expensive?

Is a Public Employee’s Union in California raising the cost of the prison system?  Should the prisons be sold to private companies to save the states money?

In my last post, I explored the movement across the country to privatize the prison systems in many states.  We looked at the high cost of maintaining prisons and one of …

Privatize the Prisons?

There has been talk about states selling their prison systems to private companies and allowing them to run the correctional system.  Is this a good idea?

At first, it looks great: the taxpayers can reduce the high cost of building, maintaining, guarding, providing medical care, and programming for offenders.  Why not let a private company take-over the costs?  …

Public Employees–Cut Back??

With all the national discussion about Public Employees, should we cut back on them?

Before you decide, I’ve got a short story to tell.

I have to disclose from the beginning that I am a public employee and anything I post in this blog is my own opinion and not that of any employer.

Several years ago, …

Empty the Prisons!!

I recently blogged about the sky-rocketing population in our nation’s prisons, reminding people that the United States imprisons more people that even Russia and Iran. Check out the article in The Economist at

There are two reasons for this surge in prison population and the resulting surge in costs to the government for housing all these people.…