There’s Still Hope for Justice in America

All the words, tweets, and bragging coming out of the White House about how tough the new administration will be on crime and criminals, have hope for justiceforgotten a simple but critical idea—where is justice in all these efforts?  There’s still hope for justice in America.  Recently, the New York Times writer, James Forman, Jr. wrote a great essay about …

Five Myths about Crime Today

myths about crimeMyself and a prosecutor (I’m a criminal defense lawyer working in a public defender office in Minnesota) spoke to a group of mystery writers last night.  The prosecutor was actually the featured speaker although as we got into issues of criminal justice, the questions flew at both of us.  Here are some of them:

1.  We should just …

Is the War on Drugs Over??

Here in the Twin Cities, the local U.S. Attorney, B. Todd Jones, has announced that his office will decrease its prosecution of drug offenses and, instead, focus on more complex, white-collar crime.  Does this mean an end to the War on Drugs?  See the article at:

Started in the 1970’s, the War on Drugs spawned a huge …

Why Do We Need Probation Officers?

As you hear so often in the media about people convicted of heinous crimes:  “We should lock ’em up and through away the key!”

However, in every state in both adult and juvenile courts, thousands of people work as probation officers.  What do they do and why?

In the criminal justice process, both adult and juvenile, …

Prisons, Politics, and Profits

Here’s a quote from a recent issue of The Times-Picayune of New Orleans:

“Louisiana is the world’s prison capital.  The state imprisons more of their people, per head…(such that) Louisiana’s incarceration rate is nearly triple Iran’s.”

What’s going on?  In my own state of Minnesota, we are building a “geriatric” prison nestled in the north woods.  Louisiana has …

War on Drugs–Busted, Part II

Watch for my new book, Fallout, coming out June 1!!!

In my last post, I recommended travel book writer Rick Steves’ new book called, Travel as a Political Act.  Among other great insights that he’s learned from his travels throughout Europe, he has a chapter on a common problem for both the U.S. and Europe: drugs.

War on Drugs–Busted!

Last week, I heard the travel writer and guide, Rick Steves, speak in Minneapolis.  Among other great insights that he mentioned, he promoted his new book, Travel as a Political Act.

I bought it, read it, and highly recommend it.  In one of his chapters, he writes about the different approach Europe takes (generally) from the …