Is There Really Writer’s Block??

writer's block

As an experienced writer, I often get questioned by other, less experienced, writers about writer’s block.

To many it’s a mysterious condition that seems to threaten all writers as if it were a terminal disease—will I get Writer’s Block?  Can I avoid it?  After all, Ernest Hemingway killed himself because he couldn’t writer anymore.  (Among many other problems …

How to Start Writing a Book

writing a bookI’m starting my 7th novel and know how difficult it is to get going.  For those of you who are thinking of writing a book—fiction or nonfiction—the process of how to start writing a book can seem overwhelming.  I’ve got some suggestions for you from my experience.  It’s also important to remember what mountain climbers always talk about:  …

Three Activities to Become a Writer

activities to become a writerI’ve been writing for publication since I was in high school.  Well . . . the publication was the school newspaper!  Over the years I continued to write, learn more, and grow as a writer.  That’s because of three activities to become a writer.  Here they are:

  1.  Observation.  I first learned of this skill when I was 10

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

writer's blockWhen I’m at book events, writers ask me for advice about many things.  One of the most common questions is: how to overcome writer’s block?

I’m not sure what that means to each writer because it’s different for different people.  Are they unable to write anything?  Is it hard for them to write regularly?  Or do they have …

Beginner’s Guide for You to Start Writing Your Book

People often tell me at book events that they’d like to become writers.  They have an idea for a story . . .  “How do I start?” they ask.  I’ve hadwriting your book five novels and two short stories published.  (The second one will be out next year)  Here are my suggestions for you to start writing your book:

  1.  Write