Legalize Marijuana—and Reward Criminals?

As with many states, New Jersey is considering a bill to legalize marijuana for recreational use.  However, they are legalize marijuanatying it to a unique program that no other state has attempted to do.  New Jersey proponents also want to expunge the records of thousands of people previously convicted of drug possession charges.

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Paradise, California: Government that Works!

paradise, californiaTragedy struck Paradise, California with the most devastating fire in the history of the state.  In this tragedy, there is a hopeful note about how government works and works well.  In spite of high winds and a five year drought, CalFire was able to move the fire away from people and up into the mountains.

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How the Robert Mueller Investigation Really Works

As a Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller investigation has power to investigate and charge crimes.  The robert mueller investigationmajority of Americans don’t think he’s found any crimes.  Instead, they are looking for big crimes, like illegal collusion with Russians to tip the last presidential election.

What’s really going on in the Robert Mueller investigation?

As a former prosecutor, I can give …