Tracking Human Traffickers

Third in a Series

In previous posts, I’ve talked about the vast underground world of international criminals who traffick in many illegal items–including humans. Most are women and children who are sold into prostitution, the sex trade, and slavery for labor. The criminals operate in a world wide web–but not the one you’re familiar with.

They link themselves …

Tracking Human Traffickers

Second in a series

In my last post, I recommended you read Ji-Yeon Yuh’s excellent blog at about the journalists former President Clinton helped release from North Korea. Ms. Yuh speculated the two were investigating illegal human trafficking of Koreans into China. Although interesting, many Americans might feel this is half-way around the world, unfortunate, but it’s …

Victim Gets Stomped but not the Perpetrators

As Garrison Keillor says, sort of, “it’s been a quiet week for crime, here in the Twin Cities.” But recently, after stomping a victim into unconciousness, five men decided to show up an hour late for their sentencing and most received about four months in the workhouse as a penalty. The crime+violent behavior set off a fire!

Last …