Protecting Yourself From Bad Judges

In my years of lawyering, I’ve appeared before dozens of judges.  Here in Minnesota, most of them are diligent, fair, and work hard.  However, there are a few judges who are definitely biased and do and say inappropriate things in court.  If you are scheduled to appear before one of the bad ones, what can your lawyer do …

How Do Defense Lawyers Win??

Many people I talk with assume that if a defense lawyer costs a lot, he can “get anyone off.”  Maybe–

Let’s look at some more techniques that defense lawyers use to win in trial beyond what I’ve already posted:

2.  Defense lawyers exploit the evidentiary problems of the prosecutor.

Let’s look at a case I tried several years …

Seven Reasons Casey Anthony was Found Not Guilty

Last in a series–

Many people were astonished that Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her child.  How could this happen when it appeared to people who followed the trial that she was obviously guilty?

I’ve posted four reasons previously and offer a couple more here:

Reason #5  The prosecutors are incompetent or distracted.

The best …

Seven Reasons Casey Anthony was Found Not Guilty

Last post I started to list the reasons why Casey Anthony may have been found not guilty by a jury.  After more than 30 years working as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer, I have seen this happen before in trials.

The first two reasons can be:

1.  The prosecutor must prove an accused guilty beyond a reasonable 

Seven Reasons Casey Anthony was found Not Guilty

People who followed the televised trial of Casey Anthony seemed to be convinced that she was guilty of killing her child–yet the jury, which heard the case, found her Not Guilty.

How could this happen?

In my 30+ years of trying criminal cases, both as a prosecutor and defense lawyer, I can tell you that it’s rare, …

Has Bin Laden Beaten Us At Home?

Beyond the satisfaction that “justice” was done with the killing of Osama bin Laden, he left a legacy in our country and courts that is disturbing to me.

Is that legacy “beating” us now?

After 9/11, the White House and Congress (both parties) passed sweeping legislation which gave our investigatory agencies new powers of intrusion into our lives.  …

Public Employee Unions=Too Expensive?

Is a Public Employee’s Union in California raising the cost of the prison system?  Should the prisons be sold to private companies to save the states money?

In my last post, I explored the movement across the country to privatize the prison systems in many states.  We looked at the high cost of maintaining prisons and one of …