Droning on about Drones

Charles Krauthammer has written a thoughtful column supporting the use of drones by the Obama administration to kill terrorists.  He writes that there are two situations which warrant the use of drones in this way:http://www.startribune.com/opinion/commentaries/191480301.html

1.  Situations in which there is an “imminent threat” to our national security and safety.  Our response to kill the people posing …

Drones in Your Backyard

dronesThey can be used to find lost children or pets, stop poachers, help fire fighters find victims, follow fleeing crooks, and even find terrorists. . . so why are drones so controversial?  Why are ten states considering legislation to limit the use of drones by law enforcement?  We’ve all heard about President Obama’s controversial program of using drones

Somali Women Wonder Where Their Boys Went

Not only in Minneapolis/St. Paul are young Somali men (so young, each one is almost a child victim) mysteriously disappearing, it’s happening across the globe. In a recent article from the StarTribune by James Walsh and Richard Meryhew, entitled, “Jihad draws young men across globe back to Somalia,” www.startribune.com, it appears that the recruiting of these men …

Tracking Human Traffickers

Second in a series

In my last post, I recommended you read Ji-Yeon Yuh’s excellent blog at http://womensmediacenter.com about the journalists former President Clinton helped release from North Korea. Ms. Yuh speculated the two were investigating illegal human trafficking of Koreans into China. Although interesting, many Americans might feel this is half-way around the world, unfortunate, but it’s …