Mystery Readers: a Deal to Help Us Both

I’m happy to tell you that my new book, Up Like Thunder, is on sale for a brief time.  For you mystery/suspense readers this is a chance to read the book for little cost.  It will also help me because I am trying to get into the “Kindle 100.”  This is a group of best-selling e-books that Kindle announces.  If I can get into this category, it will help get my book out to a great number of people.

You can help me do that by buying the book in either of two ways:

For two days only, Sept. 5-6, the print version will drop fro $12.48 to $10.43.Up Like Thunder

Also, for two days only, Sept. 5-6, the e-book version will drop from $7.99 to $.99.

Thanks for your help!  The reviews of the new book have been good.  People tell me that after reading it, they feel like they’ve been to Myanmar itself!

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About Colin Nelson

Colin T. Nelson worked for 40 years as a prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer in Minneapolis. He tried everything from speeding tickets to first degree murder. His writing about the courtroom and the legal system give the reader a "back door" view of what goes on, what's funny, and what's a good story. He has also traveled extensively and includes those locations in his mysteries. Some are set in Southeast Asia, Ecuador,Peru, and South Africa. Readers get a suspenseful tale while learning about new places on the planet. Colin is married, has two adult children, and plays the saxophone in various bands.

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