More Stupid Mistakes Made by Criminals

I posted some of the stupid mistakes made by criminals that I know from my own practice.  People seemed to really like the stories.  Here are some more dumb mistakes.  Luckily, many criminals are stupid—and get caught.  It’s the smart ones who get away that worry me . . .stupid mistakes made by criminals

1.  Jody sat before the judge during his trial.  Jody had actually argued with her in open court.  Not a good idea and Jody finally realized his mistake.  Since the judge was about to decide his fate.  To patch up things, Jody brought some gifts for the judge the next day.

He brought a plastic Santa Clause riding on a plastic motorcycle, two audio cassettes from the 70’s, a jack-in-the-box, and three glossy photos of Jody from his recent campaign for the school board.

Without cracking a smile, the judge announced that she was unable to accept any gifts from defendants and gave them all back to Jody.

2.  Another stupid mistake made by a small time criminal.  Leon loved “car jacking.”  When he spied a 2014 Mercedes, he was excited.  It was the most expensive and fancy car he’d ever jacked.  Using a big gun, he forced the people out of the car.  Leon got in and took off in a squeal of tires.

The victims called the police who said they’d be at the scene as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, Leon realized the car and its technology were more complicated than he’d expected.  Minutes after stealing the car, he turned around to come back.  He found the victims still standing in the street.

“Hey, man,” Leon called out the window.  “Come here and show me how to run the sound system!”

Before the victims could respond, the police arrived and arrested Leon on the spot.

3.  Deontres also tried to steal a car.  Before he could figure out how to start it, the police got there and tried to arrest him.  Deontres bailed from the car and ran across the street.  He tried to escape into a deep snow bank.  The cops chased him over the snow.  As Deontres got to the biggest snowbank. his basketball shoes were so large that they both fell off.  Determined to still get away, Deontres kept running.  But his pants were so low, they fell down around his knees.  He jerked to a stop and did a face plant into the snow.

The police easily scooped Deontres up and arrested him—the result of the dumb mistakes made by Deontres.

Do you have any stories of stupid mistakes made by criminals that you’d share?



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