Criminal Justice, Bail, and People of Color

criminal justice, bail, and people of colorSo often when I’ve represented people of color in the criminal justice system, they complain that they’ve been denied bail “just because I’m black.”  (Or another color)  There certainly is racism built into the criminal justice system at all stages, but what about bail and people of color? Why does it seem they remain in custody long after …

How to Set Bail on Criminals

How do judges know when to set bail on an accused person?  How much should be set?  Are there any guidelines?

The setting of bail occurs when an accused person first appears in court to answer for alleged crimes.  That’s done because of constitutional requirements.  A judge has several choices at this point in a criminal …

Accused Criminals Released

How can it be that when someone is accused of a crime, they always seem to be released from custody while they wait for their trial.

Instead of the judge holding them in custody, they get released into the community on bail.

What’s going on?

In Minnesota, as in other states, the state constitution in the Bill of …