How can you defend a guilty person!? Part 1

defend a guilty personIt’s the question I get all the time: How can you defend someone you know is guilty? Especiall if it’s a horrible crime. It’s easy to reply “it’s my job,” “everyone has a right to a trial,” “I have an ethical duty…blah, blah, blah.”  All true but there’s the human part of every lawyer that is repulsed by …

Who Decides–Client or Lawyer?

When a lawyer represents an accused person, which choices are reserved for the lawyer and which ones for the client?plea bargain

Of course, in any lawyer/client relationship the people involved will determine who makes the decisions.  However, in criminal cases there are two main decisions that only the client can make—

1.  The decision to plead guilty or to …

Should We Allow Plea Bargains in Criminal Cases?

The media have gone wild again with the hint that Adrian Peterson may reach a plea bargain in his criminal case.  He’s accused of beating his four-year old son with a stick.  plea bargain

What is a plea bargain?  Does it lead to justice?

After more than thirty years of work as a prosecutor and a defense lawyer, I’ve participated …