In a Room With a Serial Killer

Colin photoOkay, right from the start, I’d much rather have been in a room with Eric Clapton or Anthony Bourdain,  Kristin Scott Thomas or even Julia Child!  (Think of the great food, although maybe I should update to Rachel Ray.)  Instead, in my job as a Public Defender, I get to sit in rooms with criminals and serial killers.

Serial Arsonists on “Castle”

For those of you who have been hooked on the TV seriesCastle, you may have caught an episode this month involving a serial arsonist who becomes a murderer also.  The main character, Richard Castle, is a successful writer who probably got bored and decided to investigate real crimes.  I’m glad the writers of the show chose …

FLASHOVER — My New Book is Out

I’m  excited to announce that my third book, Flashover will be published on Sept. 1, 2013!Flashover Cover_Layout 1

Like my previous books, this is a suspense crime novel set in Minneapolis.  The main character is a young, female prosecutor named Zehra who is ambitious to become a judge.  She is assigned a case of an alleged arsonist and hopes a …

Who’s An Arsonist?

While researching background material for a new book that I’m working on, I’ve studied the odd crime of arson.  It’s one of the easiest crimes to commit but also one of the hardest for law enforcement to solve.

Last post, I looked at the recently arrested arsonist, Harry Burkhart, who is alleged to have started more than 50 …