Miranda Barbour– Craigslist Killer??

Miranda Barbour has told reporters that she has killed men who she lured to their deaths through ads in Craigslist.   See article –at:http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/16/justice/craigslist-thrill-killing-confession/index.html  She claims the deaths of anywhere from 22 victims up to “less than 100.”  Ms. Barbour also says the acts were done because of her association with a satanic cult.colin.nelson.smallfile

Could this be true?

In my work as a Public Defender, I’ve represented many serial killers in the past.  Here are some ideas I have on the Barbour case:

1.  Miranda Barbour has been charged with murder of a young man who she lured through a Craigslist ad and stabbed him to death while her new husband choked the victim.  The police traced the victim through his last phone call to Ms. Barbour.  Therefore, the police should certainly take her claims seriously and investigate.

2.  All the serial killers that I’ve worked with have been men.  I find it hard to believe that Ms. Barbour, who is female and only 19, would actually be a serial killer.

3.  I represented a man, named Don, who was convicted a a rape charge.  Once he got to prison and the media forgot about him, he started confessing, one by one, to several brutal murders—of which he was convicted of everyone.  He was a serial killer who wanted the attention.  Also, he was serious about his “accomplishments.”  Miranda Barbour sounds more flippant and too excited to tell everything all at once.

4.  Which leads to my last point:  Many people, weird as it sounds, like the attention that being a serious, serial criminal brings to a person.   Especially when you mention satanic cults, etc.

5.  I think Miranda Barbour is faking it.  She may be guilty of the crime for which she’s accused now, but I’m doubtful about the others.

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