Guns + Violence=Justice in Florida??

You’ve probably followed the tragic story from Sanford, Florida where George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin over some disagreement.  There were no witnesses, other than the victim and Mr. Zimmerman, and the only evidence is the 911 recordings and Mr. Z’s version.

It appears that Mr. Zimmerman was a local “watch captain” carrying a gun, who thought Trayvon …

War on Drugs–Busted, Part II

Watch for my new book, Fallout, coming out June 1!!!

In my last post, I recommended travel book writer Rick Steves’ new book called, Travel as a Political Act.  Among other great insights that he’s learned from his travels throughout Europe, he has a chapter on a common problem for both the U.S. and Europe: drugs.

War on Drugs–Busted!

Last week, I heard the travel writer and guide, Rick Steves, speak in Minneapolis.  Among other great insights that he mentioned, he promoted his new book, Travel as a Political Act.

I bought it, read it, and highly recommend it.  In one of his chapters, he writes about the different approach Europe takes (generally) from the …

Who’s An Arsonist?

While researching background material for a new book that I’m working on, I’ve studied the odd crime of arson.  It’s one of the easiest crimes to commit but also one of the hardest for law enforcement to solve.

Last post, I looked at the recently arrested arsonist, Harry Burkhart, who is alleged to have started more than 50 …

More Than 50 Dangerous Fires!!

In California, authorities have arrested  Harry Burkhart who is accused of starting over 50 fires in Los Angeles.  This might be a record for arsonists!  See article in the Star Tribune:  

Why do people start fires?

In the research for a new book that I’m working on, I’ve studied the odd crime of arson.  Unlike most …

Blagojevich and Kipling

The former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison in federal court in Chicago and afterward quoted Rudyard Kipling:  “…if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same…”  He vowed to fight and not let the next 12+ years in prison get him down.

Give me …

Prosecutor’s Choice

Recently, here in Minneapolis, a man came upon a robbery and chased the attacker.  According to the rescuer, the attacker pulled a gun out at which time the rescuer (who was licensed to carry) shot and killed the attacker.

Last post, I wrote about the law of self-defense in Minnesota.  But if the rescuer didn’t shoot in self-defense, …